I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many wonderful people on this journey with Gazelle London, and it’s truly a blessing to receive such love and support. I am always chuffed with the feedback. I appreciate the ‘ohhs’ and ‘aahs’ as they stroke the soft, cotton covers, and the excitement demonstrated is all the encouragement I need to keep going.


Just after I hand over a journal to a new member of the Gazelle London Fam, I will get told some version of… 

I’m not actually very good at journaling. I don’t do it frequently enough. Plus, it’s too pretty to actually write in. I’ll just keep it as a momentum…

At which point I typically freeze in horror, eyes wide, mouth open (lol i’m unintentionally dramatic).

So, although I appreciate your admiration of the beautiful, african-inspired covers, my deepest desire is that you will actually write in them, and share within its pages, all of the colours of your life.


There should be no structure in journaling. No pressure to fill it in daily, weekly or even monthly. Your journal should simply be the place you retreat to when you need to release the thoughts that overwhelm your mind… at whatever frequency they occur.

So, here are the only rules that I believe are necessary to keep a journal:

  1. Journal only when you desire to – structure doesn’t work here.
  2. Be uninhibited with your thoughts, feelings and desires (otherwise what’s the point?)
  3. Keep it in a secret, safe place. Sharing only when, and if, you are ever ready.

Until next time,



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