Business Blab: I paid £10000…

I paid £10,000. And it was the most heart-breaking thing I’ve ever had to do.

I’m writing this particular post because I have realised that, although many people, business and startups are going through challenges (that some couldn’t even fathom!), noone really talks about them.

I can understand this. I mean, who wants to air their dirty laundry in public?

And despite my gregarious, Nigerian background, my British side… that stiff upper lip, that need for the preservation of my “public image” has always prevailed when it has come to tackling the inevitable challenges that life throws.  I  tackle them privately.

Now, I started this blog, not only because writing is therapy (hence the existence of Gazelle London), but also because I didn’t think brands, businesses, and startups were transparent enough with their journey to success. Perhaps I could have avoided (or at least better navigated), some of my extremely naive mistakes, had I had access to someone who had made many of them; and wanted others to avoid the pitfalls. I didn’t get that. But I want to share my mistakes with you, so that you don’t make the same ones.

This year I was ordered to pay a courier company £10,000.

Yes, that’s right £10,000.

It wasn’t a cost I was expecting. I had been quoted £2500 for a delivery, and had budgeted accordingly, but I had overlooked the most important part.

The small print.

In this case, the small print stated that, irrespective of the quote (which was recorded and replayed for all to hear!) I was given,  the amount I would actually have to pay for the delivery of my goods, would be the amount published on my invoice…  so erm… £10,000?

And don’t think I took it lying down! For over a year I tried to fight back. I was shouted at, bullied, then taken to court.. and even through it all I kept thinking,  ‘they can’t win.. that wouldn’t be fair‘. And so, as the judge ordered in the favour of this courier, my heart broke as I realised that fair didn’t really matter.

The events that followed made it very clear that this courier company wanted to wipe me out. They wanted to crush Gazelle London, and deplete me as thoroughly, and as quickly, as possible. It was surreal.

And they were nearly successful.

But this my friends, is why I journal. In my intimacies with God, the thoughts of disappointment, failure and exhaustion, were replaced by thoughts of faith, encouragement and a deep desire to keep going.

Fast forward to the day I paid off the courier. I was emotionally drained. My eight year old niece was crying over a game she felt she had lost “It’s not fair… someone took my counter, and I worked so hard!” 

“So what happens if someone takes something of yours after you have worked so hard to build it?”

“I don’t know!” 

“I do” (my nephew) I remember turning to him, wondering what wisdom he would impart aged six.

I would tell my teacher

And what if your teacher didn’t agree with you” I asked, at this point thinking of the judge who ruled in their favour.

I would start again“, he said simply.

And so here I am, this time with a little help. Starting again.

Because, you may not win the battle. But you can win the war.


Ps. read the small print.


2 thoughts on “Business Blab: I paid £10000…

  1. I love this! Thank you the blogs are giving me life and inspiration. And the gratitude book, which is also helping me stay positive so thank you.
    I see it’s sold out which I guess is a good thing.

    I’m so sorry for the stress caused by the courier company and that they got you on the small print, so unfair and I’m sorry you felt the irony of the injustice of our justice system, being an under dog, relying on judges with prejudices to give a fair verdict under unfair law. I hate small print.
    It’s amazing your making it a positive part of your journey now and learning new ways to be resilient in the tough challenge facing corruption and exploitation.

    I wanted to let you know I love your company and journals and I agree that more businesses should be more open about who they are and the blogs are great.
    Thank you for the great quotes and the work you’ve done that’s now rippled into my world…
    and who was the courier company so I can boycott them?

    Good luck with it and thank you again.

    Best wishes


    1. Thank you for such a kind comment! So glad the entries are providing you with inspiration and I appreciate your kind words! Haha. I’ll never publicly shame them, I’ll just continue to ensure that Gazelle London has a much more positive effect on the kind people (like you!) that choose to purchase our journals. Big thanks x


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